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Product Introduction

ES EduERP Xpert Is Complete Academic Dynamic Management Application (Like : School, College, Universities Etc). At Present World, Education System Is Grow Up Online Digital System. Recently Our Innovative Product Is The Most Powerful, High Security, Time And Money Saver, Easiest, Dayanamic Erp Solution For Your Institution.

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Accounts Login Details Here

Admin Login

Username: [email protected]

Password: 123456

Teacher Login

Username: [email protected]

Password: 1234

Accountant Login

Username: [email protected]

Password: 1234

Librarian Login

Username: [email protected]

Password: 1234

Parent Login

Username: [email protected]

Password: 1234

Student Login

Username: [email protected]

Password: 1234

Our Most Impressive Features Below

  • Dashboard – Multiple Theme Changing Dashboard. Dark And Light Mode Sereen.
  • Graph – All Users Different And Specific Graphical Term Carry Processable.
  • Student Panel – Face To Face Editable Profile Base Stadent Panel.
  • It Mainain Student Details, Make Addmission And Make Category Student Base.
  • Every Student Speasic Selection Based And Section At Class Promotion.
  • Teacher Account Active Or Non Activation, Editable Profile System.
  • It Carry Teacher List Add Designation And Must Be Required Add New Teacher.
  • Timetable Setting – Starting And Ending Time Setting System Daily Class.
  • Set Class Routine, Exam And Set Exam Timetable Upgrade System.
  • Attendence Control – 3 Types Of Attendence Controlling System. Teacher.
  • Student And Student Exam Attendence Can Be Maintain With Set All Present.
  • Set All Absent And Set All Holiday Status Setting System.
  • Exam Control – Exam Controlling Is A From General Exam Control System.
  • It Maintain The Exam Term Setting System,Exam Attd Marking Attd.
  • Mark Controlling – Mark Controlling Maintain With Modern Mark Register,Lower.
  • And Upper Grade Range System, Mark Percent Base Mark Sheet Printable.
  • Digital Library Controlling – Library System Consist With Books Stock.
  • Books Category, Books List, Books Maintain System. Issue And Return Process.
  • Everyone Can Receive Book Any Time.
  • Transport Control – Transport Control Processing By Route Control, Vehicle.
  • Control And For Every Student And Teacher To Transport Allocation.
  • Hostel – Hostel Maintain By Hostel Control, Room Control, Hostal Category.
  • Hostel User’s And Hostel Superintendent.
  • Security Full Finance Control System – A Strong Security For Finance Control.
  • All Sector Must Be Requirement,Payment Invoice History, Invoice Verified.
  • Multi Payment Gateway – International 3 Payment Gateway Paypal, Stripe.
  • Payumoney Api. Particular Invoice Remotely Payment Active Or Deactivate.
  • SMS Gateway – Advanced Multi Sms Gateway Setting. Clickatell, Twilio, Msg91.
  • Bulk Gateway Active Or Deactivate Feature.
  • Internal Messaging – Html And Plain Sms Writing Option Subject Based System.
  • Auto Report Generated – Daily Balance Sheet Report Auto Generated. Student.
  • Teacher Particular Attendance Type Reporting.
  • Database Backup – Privilege User Can Save,Safe Backup Of Security Data.
  • System Setting – Dark And Light Background Color Theme Setting. Big, Medium.
  • Session Settings – Valid Required And Numeric Session Year Settings.
  • Media Gallery – Every Employees Can Upload The Video.
  • All Visible Invoice History – Parent And Student Showing Option Invoice.
  • History System. Automatic Generated For All Sector.
  • Requirments & Installation

  • PHP Version 5.3 or newer
  • MYSQL Version 5.5 or newer
  • PHP GD Extension
  • PHP MYSQL Extension
  • PHP PDO Extention
  • PHP CURL Extention
  • PHP DOM Extension
  • Changelog

    + Initial release:   13 August, 2019
      V              :   1.0
    + Maintenance Release:   19 August, 2019
      V              :   1.0.1
    Fixed          :   System Setting Update Error.

    Write us to

    [email protected]

    For more info visit our web

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    ES EduERP Xpert

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    ES EduERP Xpert

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    Download ES EduERP Xpert

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